Monday, September 04, 2006

Africa: Day 54 ( A taste of Home)

Color Blind... nope... just blind.

I'm writing this the day after, but it deserves a post of its own. While trying to fine new locations to dine, Gregg's local friend suggested we visit El-Sakra. Gregg and April had been the night before and truly enjoyed the experience, so we all went to try out the cuisine. You'll have to accept my apologies for the quality of the photo, but I had to take it on my phone since our camera got stolen last week.

During dinner we were treated to a moment from home. Halfway through our main course, two local musicians took the stage. Fully expecting to be treated to a litany of local music, we were quite pleasantly surprised to hear the duet treat us to an hour of classical guitar. I love hearing Justin sit around and work on his classical music at home and it provided a really nice reminder of life in the states. No worries Justin. While these guys were good, very good, they still ceased to amaze us like your improvisational riffs do at home.

This is the blind guy who played lead for the evening.

During dinner, the band took a break and then returned to play some more. When they returned however, the guy on the right was gone and was instead replaced with a younger guy who looked like he was most likely Tunisian. Appearing in shorts and a T-Shirt he was an Arabic version of Ed. The guy on the left, by the way, is blind. He is a completely blind classical guitarist, which if you know anything about guitar at all, is very very difficult to master. After taking the stage, the guy on the right threw back his hair and started singing Whitesnake. Throughout the show, we were offered choice selections from Bryan Adams, Whitesnake, the Beatles, and others that I can't remember at the moment. Overall the evening was a resounding success.

I have to admit though, I have rarely been as homesick as I was last night. Sitting there listening to the band brought me back to the days when I would sit at On Cue and contentedly listen to Ed and Justin rock out for hours. Speaking of that, I have to mention something that's been on my mind. It came to my attention recently, after reading the newspaper article published about them, that they have split up. Apparently, something happened and Justin left the band. I don't know the details, but I'm sure I'll get them eventually. I hope, that if the two of you ever read this, that you will know one thing from me. I'd like you both to know that in addition to being some of my best friends in the world, that you will never sound as good apart as you did together.

Justin, you have a talent for the guitar that completely outstrips anyone I have ever met, young or old. Your talent can only be god-given. There is no way else that a man your age, or even thrice your age, should have the touch that you do with a guitar. You can make a guitar come alive in a way that makes me want to quit my job and become a musician on the spot.

Ed, you my dearest friend, are also an awesome guitarist. But more closely tied to "who" you are is your love for music. For you, the guitar is only the instrument that brings your music to melody. Your voice and your skill on the guitar make you an awesome man to hear. Your range of music knows no bounds. I've sat nights and heard you play eveything possible under the sun, touching on all spectrums of genres of music with equal skill and veracity, and you know I am always amazed again and again each time I get to hear you play.

To the both of you I say that I think the music world lost a great duo the day you two split up. Music was forever emboldened by the mix that your two talents brought to the stage. Ed, your vocals have a heart that pumps soul into your music that reveals your love for it to your audience. Justin, your accompaniment provides the complex heartbeat that allows the music to stop any audience anywhere and make them listen to you. Together, you two are a rock and roll front end with a classical supporting strain that I've never before seen or heard anywhere in music and I think that what you have together is something that neither of you will ever find quite so well in another partner.

Having said all that, you both know I am your biggest fans and that I'll be there to see you as always as soon as I return.

This night in Tripoli just reminded me how much I missed seeing you guys together and it hurts to know that I missed the last shows you did together because I was overseas. I hope to be home soon and to see ALL of my friends and family. Until then, take care and know that you are all missed.


Ok. I like fresh seafood as much as the next guy, but come on!

PS: While I was writing this, I was looking through the photos I meant to share and I found one that I had forgotten. THIS is why I don't order fish in this country. While trying to enjoy my steak, I had Gregg's dinner looking at me all night.

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