Friday, February 05, 2010

This blasted weather…

It’s 6:30 on Friday night and I’m waiting for Amy to get back home. I got home tonight around 5 pm and was given just enough time to kiss Amy hello before she had to leave on an emergency call to put a horse to sleep. She had thawed steaks for dinner, but that’s on hold for now until she gets home.

The drive from Greenville this afternoon that should have taken three and a half hours instead took a little over five thanks to the impact that bad weather has on driver’s good sense. I don’t know what it is about a traffic accident that causes people to slow down so much that they backup for over five miles on a four lane freeway just to rubberneck at some other individual’s misfortune. After sitting in the traffic for most of an hour I decided to use some of those cool toys I have to make a break for it and find another route. Thanks to the help of the GPS in my iPhone I was able to get out of the worst of it, but it took over five miles of back road to get past it. I tried coming back near the interstate intermittently now and again, only to see signs of further congestion on other streets as well, so I just found alternate routes one after another paralleling highway 40/64 until I finally dumped out one mile ahead of my exit, so all in all it worked out nicely.

Forty miles later I just about got sideswiped out of existence thanks to a eighteen-wheel dumptruck that decided my lane looked more appealing than his. I’m just glad to be home! Amy called and I could tell she was worried my mood was shot to pieces and wondered if I’d get home grumpy and ill, but one look at her smiling face put my perspective back where it needed to be. Then of course she had to go.

In her absence I’ve got the grill ready to fire up and took the time to write a letter of recommendation for one of my employees that was much overdue to be completed. Having completed my tasks for the foreseeable future, I’m sitting writing to you while Biscoe and Bonnie make a mess of the living room. After having them separated all week they are always happy to see each other and getting between them when they are playing isn’t the best idea. They seem to form into one gigantic ball of flying paws and fur, like a black and white wonder-twin tasmanian devil, spinning and careening off objects and letting out unintelligible sounds the whole time as they spin and flop from room to room. Making them stop and go to their separate corners only works until I turn my back upon whence they recommence the mayhem. I’ve chosen to let them just tire themselves out.

That reminds me of something worth sharing from earlier today. I took Bonnie to work with me and while at the office she was intrigued by these little edible white pellets scattered across my office’s entrance. The recent bad snow and ice having fallen victim to the melting power of salt has left only the salt behind, scattered over the entire parking lot. Naturally intrigued by anything that will fit in her little puppy mouth, Bonnie begins devouring these with increasing rapidity. I know that telling her no only last for a few moments so I let her continue for a few moments until she suddenly looked around, shook her head, and went in earnest search for water, eventually finding the rain gutter that drains from the ceiling of our building. This began a 20 minute relay race from the salt flats, to the drainage river, back and forth. It was quite entertaining to watch as she sprinted back from one to the other, at first curious to eat the small white things, then overcome with thirst for having done it. I’m a firm believer that you only learn through experience and dogs are certainly no exception. Thankfully she didn’t wet my truck seat on the way home tonight.

Well, I think I’m going to go find something to do until Amy gets back home.

PS: Thanks to those of you who emailed or commented about the new blog. I was added to a few friend’s blogs and added them to my own. I hope to continue this with new people as time continues. Have a good night all!

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