Monday, February 08, 2010

C1295 Dell OEM 312-0068 Lithium Ion Laptop Battery

As the title says, this is the battery for a Dell Laptop. The battery specs are as follows:

  • Fits Dell Inspiron 500M 600M Latitude D600, D500, and D505 Laptop Notebook
  • Specifications: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery11.1V 4700mAh 53Whr
  • Dell LBL Part Number: G2053 A01
  • Alternate Part Numbers :312-0068, 312-0085, 312-4347, 312-4482, 312-0191, 310-5195, 07W999 or equivalent.

This battery was pulled from a laptop we have in the shop for spare parts. We have surplus parts and therefore I’m trying to sell it here.

Retail Price from Dell: $89.00

My Price: $35.00 + $6.00 to ship anywhere in the US via USPS/UPS.


High-Tech Bargain Bin Items:

   If you are wondering why this item is for sale: I own an IT company in Greenville, North Carolina named Twisted Networx. You can visit us online at

Throughout the year we accumulate a LOT of extra inventory that we have no use for, especially laptop parts and accessories. From time to time each year I try to clean out the closet of all our parts and accessories and get rid of them on eBay, Amazon, or through private sale on my web site and blog. If you’d like to check our our eBay rating, you can visit my eBay profile at:

These are NOT stolen, not illegal, and have no other shady past attached to them. Sometimes customers decide they don’t want to get an item repaired and they assume we enjoy storing lots of parts we don’t need. Other times we get them in bulk when we only really need one specific part.  I can’t store an endless supply of materials and therefore, here it is…

Payment Terms

Payment for items I sell on my web site or blog are accepted through the following means:

  • PayPal: Items shipped with PayPal are shipped within 24 hours of payment, unless it’s a weekend, in which case I will ship the next business day. I will generate an official PayPal invoice and send it to the email of your choice so you will have receipt for  your records. Do not try to send me money without receiving an invoice first. While I am happy to have the money, I want to be sure not to get orders confused.
  • Personal/Business Checks: Items paid for by check will be shipped the day after payment clears. Will I accept a check? Yes. For details about paying by check, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me about where to send payment.
  • Money Orders: Items purchased via money order will be shipped next day, or the following business day if it is a weekend.
  • Credit Card: Credit card orders can be paid through PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account. See PayPal above for further details.

Sale Conditions:

All sales are final. End of story. Do not ask questions. If you need to ask questions, don’t. The equipment I sell on my personal web site or blog is traditionally used/refurbished gear and I don’t have the time to test every piece. If I know something is wrong with it, I will let you know in the post. Otherwise, expect it to work as well as any other piece of equipment. No warranties are expressed, implied, hinted about, or considered valid if you decide later that you thought they existed…. they don't.


All photos, unless specifically described otherwise, are of the ACTUAL EXACT ITEM I am selling. I do not use stock photography for sale items as I want you to see exactly what you are purchasing before committing to the purchase.

Questions about an Item:

If you have questions about an individual item, please post a comment on that item’s page. I will answer any questions openly on the blog for all to see to assist them if they have similar questions.

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  1. I have gotten that same message before when using the 17″ larger D800 and immediately switched to the larger AC adapter and problem/message went away.


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