Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slow morning

Well, it’s 9:30 and I should be working but I figure since I started working at 7:15 instead I’m entitled to a few minutes of down-time to write on the blog.

Life here has been up and down lately, busy then slow, then back to generally hectic. Work is going ok these last ten days or so. We’re not screaming busy or anything but we’ve had a run of days where we’re doing $300-$500 days back to back. We need that to crawl our way slowly out of this last two months of incredible slowness. I can’t wait until life straightens out a little and I can stop avoiding calls from creditors. It’s hard to stay motivated some days when it’s a constant barrage of Child-Support, Car Payment, and Landlord juggling. Those are the three bills that eat up most of my income each month and I always make enough to pay two out of three, plus all the other stuff like power and phone, but never enough for all three. Juggling these three bills has become a way of life I’d just as soon put behind me. God I miss the days when I made two-grand a week…lol.

My free time is still just that, free. You can’t work twenty-four hours out of the day, even if you want to. There always comes a point at which I have to stop and wait on someone, wait on business hours to reopen, etc..

There’s not much going on with my free time lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the puppy trying to get her trained. Today was the first day she didn’t pee and poop on my hardwood floor. She peed on the pad and went outside for the other…. whoever thought I could be so happy about mundane things. You can’t appreciate the perspective until you’ve spent every day cleaning pee off the carpet, rugs, and hardwood eight to nine times a day.


Yes, dang it. I started playing Farmville

In typical fashion Facebook has changed their format yet again, instigating yet another round of people creating “I want the old facebook back” groups or voicing their gripes through status updates. It’s amusing to watch. For some reason this social network has inundated itself into people’s lives very deeply.

Unfortunately for some people, things do change. Facebook will never stop evolving. It’s not a deep-seated desire to make your life confusing, but rather their way of staying the world’s most popular social network. The net evolves, technology evolves, so yes… technology based on the net has to evolve. Just accept it and deal with it.

Maybe I’ll go write a post about How-To on Facebook.

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