Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why We Rock


It’s not often that I really think how far computing has come. It’s also not too often that I stop and think how hard we really work for our customers. Tonight I did. Quite frankly, our company freakin’ rocks! I’ve been deploying this OutReach program to our clients for awhile now, offering customers discounted labor rates for work that can be done remotely.  The economy is hard on small businesses now and we needed a way to allow people to afford to continue to support their computers while trying to save them money at the same time. Our solution is decreased hourly rates for customers who are part of our monthly OutReach program. Part of this service includes weekly updates to their computers, antivirus programs, minor bug fixes and removal of malware and malicious programs.  Additionally, we discount our labor by $35.00 per hour for remote work. As you can see below, I can work on five or ten computers at the same time remotely whereas I can only work on one at a time on-site. It’s cheaper for them, more productive for us, and all around a good deal.


It’s currently 6:49 PM and behind this blog screen I am remotely controlling six different client computers, performing updates, and doing general system maintenance. This is a screenshot of my desktop right now. Check this out. (Click it to see it full screen).




In short, I love my job.


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