Saturday, August 02, 2008

Surf’s Up

Michelle sent me these photos and I thought I’d share. Hannah went to surf camp last week. My little baby’s becoming a surf rat!



Hannah poses with her board. Keanu would be jealous.



Ok.. we’re up.. up..





Ok.. I’m off to go audition for Point Break 2.


Note: You looked awesome out there baby! Keep it up! And thanks to Michelle for sending me the photos! I really appreciate it!! She looks great out there.


  1. That board actually belongs to the parks & rec department. She is begging for her own board. She's laying it on pretty thick too. But its funny...she doesn't want to save her birthday money to put towards one, she thinks I should buy it. Glad you liked the photos.

  2. These are pretty awesome pictures. I am really proud of her. Thanks for sharing.


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