Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iPhone 3g Review: Things I’m looking for.

     After one week I’m still loving my new iPhone. I’ve found some limitations, but most of them are things I can do without. If you have suggestions, feel free to share them here or email them.


Things I really want:


Wireless Signal Indicator

I’m looking for something like NetStumbler or WiFiFoFum for the iPhone 3G. If you know of an app that searches out hotspots, let me know.


Voice Command Program:

Though I haven’t yet tried it on my iPhone, I’ve been told the voice commander interface isn’t present in the iPhone. I’d really like an app that makes this possible, though I’m pretty sure it would be a complete rewrite of the source code, so I’m not holding my breath on this one.


Wav/MP3 Ring Tone Application:

I have a few wav and MP3 ring tones I’ve located over the years that I just adore, but I can’t put them on the iPhone. Shak told me about a program that will do it, but I can’t remember the name.


Loopt to Work Right:

I’ve got a few friends using Loopt on their phones, which is really a pretty cool app, though very Big Brother in its design. Basically it broadcasts my current location to anyone on my friend’s list using the built in GPS feature. It’s accurate to about 300' feet or so. The only con so far is that I can’t add certain friends. It seems that if I have those friends on Facebook, the loopt application seems to know that and refuses to add them to my Loopt friends on the phone. I disabled the Loopt application on Facebook, because truly I just don’t want the ENTIRE world to be able to pinpoint my location anywhere in the world at any time they want to. However, for trusted friends and especially for work, it would be a great application. I could pinpoint my staff’s location in relation to the next service call and automatically know which tech to send on a job. I’m going to continue playing with it and see how it works out. Are you a Loopt user? Add me and we’ll test it out together.



How do you capture your iPhone screenshot again?


File Transfer Application

I know Apple disabled this feature on purpose to avoid the possibility of hacking their OS files (this didn’t work by the way…) However, purchasing a 200 dollar hard drive that you can’t access seems counter-intuitive. I just assumed this feature would be built in to the phone. There is NO drag and drop interface for the iPhone and the camera folder is even read-only so you can’t easily copy pictures from your computer to your iPhone without using iTunes, which I don’t want to do.


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