Monday, August 25, 2008

Out of Touch: Back to Reality 2.0

IMG_0038Well, it’s been 13 days since my last cyberfession.  Sorry for being away so long from everyone, but it’s been a really hectic two weeks. It’s the 25th of August and the first night I haven’t had company since the 13th of the month. That’s not to say that each and every day hasn’t been adventure packed and fun-filled, but I must admit it feels strange now that the adrenaline high is gone after almost two solid weeks of daily human interaction with family and friends.


As some of you know, my Mom, Step-Mom, and Hannah came up on the 14th and we all packed in the Jeep and went to my Dad’s for four days. We surprised him by bringing my sister Juniper who I haven’t laid eyes on but once in a decade. It was amazingly cool to be able to spend time with everyone together in one place. I’m only sorry that my brother couldn’t come join us. Having just recently moved to Alaska, it would have been nigh impossible for him to get back down here for something like that. He was missed though.


I’ll have time for all the stories later, but I thought I’d share a little of the event with you, so I here are the links to the pictures. Of course you can see them all in my Flickr account, but it might be easier to see the specific sets from this trip if I outline them for you a little bit.


Down On The Farm

(Photos of the animals we took while we were there. There are about 100 LOLCat descriptions that could from this album alone. )


Photos With Dad

(Just as it says, these are all the photos we took with Dad while we were there. There haven’t ever been many photos with my Dad and me so I guess I went a little overboard with the camera action.)


Family Reunion 2008

(These are just all of us, moms, sisters, nieces, nephew, guns, ammo, swimming pools, movie stars.. oh wait, wrong show.)



Monday morning we packed up and headed back from Beverly Hills, I mean Dad’s house, and life almost returned to normal. Mom and the girls decided to stay the night because we’d been on the road all day so we all stayed here and they left Tuesday morning to go back home.


No sooner do they pack up to leave than my doorbell rings and Shak is here! You all know we’ve been gaming and chatting with Shak for years, but it’s only the second time we’ve ever got to hang out with him in person. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for me, his other friend he was on the east coast to see was unable to have visitors due to circumstances beyond his control, so Shak stayed six days with us and left this morning to stay in a hotel in Buffalo New York. He flies out in the morning for the sunny shores of California. I’m sure he’ll be glad to be back to civilization.


I didn’t get many pictures while he was here because he’s not the poser type… I’m more the poser type, but I did get to get a couple. We went out to dinner last night before he left and tried out the new Texas Roadhouse, shown in the photo.



What else has happened in the last week of consequence?

Here’s the short list:

  • I got my iPhone 3G. Lovin it! (Need more friends on Loopt though.)
  • Went shooting with Doc today for half an hour or so. Sat out in the barn for an hour and just talked while waiting on his new HP Laptop to get here that Bridget got him. I miss doing that with him. We can sit over a glass of sweet tea and talk for hours about our lives.
  • Read about 50 pages of LolCats this past week and laughed so hard I cried.
  • Took goofy pictures of my cats for no good reason.
    Cordy Roars in Indignation for being woken up.
    Nadia looks like she has better things to do that be bothered with us hoomans.
  • We fixed a computer that looked worse than a 1955 Chevy that had sat in the rain for 40 years.
    Yeah, that's RUST on the bottom. 
    Yup, that’s rust on the bottom. It came in as an AMD 900 MHz and left as a Pentium 4 1.9GHz. It felt like rebuilding a pinto into a mustang!
  • Watched some good movies with Shak and April. (“Street Kings”, “Definitely, Maybe”, and some others I can’t remember the name of.

And now, I think I’m seriously going to go to bed early for a change. I’m wonked, exhausted, and plain ol’ wore out.


  1. I <3 Definitely, Maybe. That was a super cute movie.

  2. Yes, the steak was awesome! Yes, the company was awesome! But this picture is not one of the better ones you could have taken. Oh well, next time, we go shooting! Thanks again for putting up with me, Tommy and April! Your friendship is very dear to me. BTW, Brenda and Janet and Hannah, a pleasure to have met you all in person, finally!


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