Thursday, August 07, 2008

HTC Tilt Goes Out The Door… Two Thumbs Down. The iPhone is in.

HTC. OUT! *points towards the door*

And Don’t Come back!


I’ve had it up to here (I’m pointing to my neck in case you can’t see me) with the HTC Tilt. I went back to AT&T tonight to join the iPhone bandwagon.  Sure, the Tilt looks awesome, has a slider keyboard for full qwerty comfort, but it sucks.

Cons for the HTC Tilt:

A) Has FOUR times the memory of my BlackJack, yet operates slower without any even software installed.


B) Flipping from Portrait to Landscape view lags the video card sooo badly. It’s 3 or 4 seconds before I can get the screen to flip and get decluttered.



C) When I dial a call, the digital keypad disappears, and I have to hit “Keypad” to get it back. I dial companies all day long, so most of my 587 person address book requires me to dial an extension. To do that I have to hit the phone button, then dial the number because the memory seek isn’t very fast so I’ve dialed most of the entire number before it’s matched it to my phonebook entry, then I have to hit talk. Then I wait for it to connect. Then I have to hit keypad again,which requires looking at the phone, and then dial the extension.


On my blackjack, I dialed the first “Pai” for Paige, someone I call every day for parts orders, then hit 353 for her extension, then I’m in. Requires WAY less work to dial.


D) Could the notifications screen be anymore annoying? If I want to see the Keypad button while the phone is at rest, I have to hit Power once to wake it up (stupid), then hit “Notification” to be informed of whatever WiFi hotspot I’m near, then hit dismiss, then hit Notifiction again to see how many text messages I’ve had since I last pressed the button, then hit Options, dismiss, then hit notification again to see how many emails I’ve received, then hit dismiss again, THEN I can hit keypad. It’s a phone chock full of notification options! I have indicators on the top of the screen for that. I can look and see I have voicemail, text messages, or emails.. do you really have to make me clear ALL the notifications every time I want to hit the Keypad button?


E) It’s slow as hell. The internet browser is great.. pretty fast too, but the response of the phone is horrible to input commands. I have to slow down to dial. Dialing my partner should take less then 3 seconds. Boom, boom boom, dial. With the Tilt, I have to wait about half a second for the keypad to accept my last key before hitting the next.. not the optimal interface for a person on the go.


F) The phone does NOT ship with voice commander. HTC and AT&T state that it does.. it does not. If you want voice commander (the ability to dial via voice command out of your phonebook) then you have to pay $40.00. Are you serious? $40.00 to microsoft for something the phone is already advertised to do out of the box?


G) GPS? No… the GPS is only an option if you want to pay AT&T another $10.00 per month for AT&T Navigator. Dude.. I’m using free DOJ satellites? Why the hell are you charging me for this?


Pro’s for the HTC Tilt:

A) Cleaning the oil from your skin off it is pretty easy, if you dig in the corners with a q-tip… otherwise, I’m jaded at the moment.


Cons for the iPhone:

I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know in ten to fourteen business days when it gets here.


Pro’s for the iPhone:

I DO know the GPS works independently of AT&T’s navigator package.. no fee to use it. It’s also amazingly fast to dial. As fast as I hit the keys, the phone responds, so I’m cool with that.


8 GB of storage is plenty, so I opted not to get the 16gb version. Nothing will replace my 80gb iPod anyway, so I’ve got plenty of music for the road. I probably will load some audiobooks on it though, just for kicks, especially if they’ll play over bluetooth.


No sweat streaks in the corner of the glass.. the whole top is flat so you can clean it easily with one swipe.


It charges off the same docks I already have for my 2 iPods, both radio docks, my car charger, my USB charger, and my FM broadcaster will all charge it, so I won’t need accessories any time soon.


So.. lemme recap. Bonuses for the iPhone over the Tilt are FREE GPS, easier to clean, longer battery life, 32 times the built in storage… need I go on?



  1. Johnny positively worships his iPhone. Only problem is the phone reception will die in the oddest of places. I hope yours works wonders for you. :-) PS: I'm praying for your dad every day. Love you.

  2. At&T Tilt is bulky. There are many drawback to IPHONE, drop calls is big issue, drains battery and it is not replaceable "which sucks", no photo sms, no yahoo or msn messengers, no copy and paste and list goes on.

    Pros: Best browser on a mobile phone, stunning photos, IPOD and the graphical interface and huge support of applications.

    My opinion was to get Blackberry Bold & add Ipod touch

    Unfortunately I will not switch from T Mobile to AT&T as my family plan is far superior to AT&T.

    I am Mac fan for more than 24 years

  3. I've had my iphone now for two days, and I was just chided via twitter about my failure to post cons about the iphone on here, so I thought it deserved mention.

    Overall Performance: Amazing! Fast, Sleek, did I mention fast?

    However I do need to mention the Cons about it, so let's see what I've noticed so far. (This is assuming you've not jailbroken the phone yet.)

    1) No Cut & Paste functionality.
    2) Exchange integration isn't fully 100% there yet: Can't categorize contacts as Client, Personal, etc. I work around this by updating them the next time I log into outlook on the PC.

    3) No Alt-Tab functionality. You have to hit Home to go launch another app and then go Home and relaunch the one you were in before.. no switching back and forth. (However, Safari does open keep your tabs open indefinitely until you close them, which is kinda cool, but still falls into the con column.)

    4) battery life isn't superb, but i was warned about that beforehand. I'm still running push all day, and wi-fi all day, so I haven't been able to test it out on a "normal" person's usage schedule yet.

    5) Ipod chargers don't work with it, regardless of what the AT&T guy says. None of my dozen various chargers for my ipods will charge it.

    I'll work on more. Is this a fair enough start x2bob?


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