Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yeah.. this is dinner. And to be honest, this is a lot than some people get to eat here. This is our attempt to put SOMETHING in this bread to make it edible.. the bread here is very hard. No wonder bread, merita, or anything like that.. only hand-made bread that's designed to last.. so it's very tough and very bland. We put the last of the cheese on it and cut up a banana and called that dinner.

Posted By Gandalf

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  1. Hey Tom, Don't be scared. It took me about three days of starving in Balikatan before I tried some of their food that looked really bad, but was actually really good........until I found out what it was then it was too late to upchuck....Try it you would be suprised what those third world countries can come up with that taste different but yet dont ask what it is.


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