Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in the Harbor

Well, it's Saturday as I compose this. I'm using this time to blog rather than to fall asleep in the chair.

We came down to Mom's today for Christmas with her and my daughter and we've just finished opening presents. Mom 2.0 is cooking fried chicken for lunch with  sweet potato casserole.

iChild is sitting contentedly on the couch watching Cesar the Dog Whisperer and bookworm is reading a novel she swiped off mom 2.0's shelf. Me, well I'm sitting here in the chair with my new house-shoes writing this and looking through all the pictures we just took.

I thought I'd blog some of them before adding all of them to FlickR later this week.

I've decided that people need nicknames. That's my new blog niche. lol Sad huh? Technically I can't take credit at all because I first admired the idea when Merritt did it a few years ago on her blog. She run the Coffee-Talking blog and you'll often see her reference coffee-kid or coffee-husband, rather than call them by name. I've been playing with the idea for about a year and gotten nowhere, so I figured I'd just start trying out ideas and see where it takes me.  I even ran across the perfect new name for my blog the other day... Coffee and Code.. but alas I ran across it because it belonged to someone else. Rather than impinge on their creativity I will instead wander around in search of identity a little while longer.  Scooby Central is no longer the home of the Scoobs, so it's only fitting that it be renamed, much like an old diner that's been purchased by new owners and serves a new clientele. I need a new name. Jordan's Java? Nah. I really do want a coffee theme.. it's what I do. It's me. I'm always drinking coffee, from the time I get up until the time I go to bed. My best ideas come from the bottom of a coffee pot, having wired my brain into overdrive until it has no possible alternative except to rise to a new level of hyper-creativity and jittery awareness.

There's an idea. LMAO! How about Java Jitters? That's only funny if you're aware that I stutter... sometimes horribly so, other times less pronounced. The Jittery part is definitely me. I don't want to stretch for it though. I'll let it come to me in its own time.

Other Highlights of The Day


Bookworm looks like someone Santa left behind by mistake, all decked out in her holiday wear she got this year.

Mom got a pretty unique gift this year. I'm not sure where in the world she'll put it, but she got it. The story goes... I took a picture of Mom in Christmas of 2004. Her pose was an exaggerated "Oh Boy!" poses. She already knew what she was getting, but being the good sport she is, she put lots of energy into looking surprised. Well, 4 years later I got an email from a gentleman in London who had found the picture on FlickR and wanted my permission to use the photo of "my mum" as he so quaintly put it. They were doing an advertising campaign for National Express Trains in London station and wanted to use this photo as part of their test campaign.

I guess the client liked the photo. After checking with mum and getting her permission, I told him it was OK to use, but that I had one favor to ask; if possible, I'd like one of the posters signed by the ad creation team so I could frame it and give it to Mom. His reply was pretty quick and informed me that my poster would be printed and mailed in time for Christmas. Sure enough, DHL delivered me an almost-life-size poster in plenty of time for wrapping. So, this year I got a picture of Mom being surprised with picture of Mom being surprised. Nope, I didn't stutter. I had to think hard to get that right.

I was surprised again this year, though I shouldn't have been. Mom always says "there's not much under the tree for you this year" and this year I was reminded half a dozen times that I had nothing under the tree.... looks that way huh? I'd hate to see the year she says there's a LOT under the tree. I was sitting there comfortably in my chair letting iChild play Santa Claus this year expecting a small box or two. Obviously I was surprised when inundated with boxes. I got shirts, some new cargo slacks, some really nice pictures of iChild and of my, my brother, and Dad, new house-shoes (which I've been dying for) and lots of other stuff. It was a day full of nice surprises for me. The older mom gets, the better her taste in clothes gets. Or maybe its that the older I get the more I fit into her buying patterns??? I choose to believe the former, rather than the latter. I'm not really one to have picked out the sweaters I got, but I think they'll really look good on me.  We just had a two minute discussion on whether they're Polo sweaters, crew neck sweaters, or something else altogether. I'll just have to take a picture and show them to you later. One of you can tell me what they are. They remind me of a british college professor... if that's any indication of the style I'm thinking of.

( I ended this post early. I'll catch it up later)

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  1. Great post. Thanks for helping make this such a great Christmas. I admit, I was dreading it a little bit, with Ray being so far away. But you and all my friends kept me from being lonesome. The poster is an awesome present. When Charles and Candi saw it, they said how neat it was to know that my picture was on the walls of buildings and that the buildings were not the post office (for those of Tommy's friends that don't know, my last name is Outlaw). I think it is the most unique gift I have ever received. Finding the right place to hang it will take some time, but as you said-that's my problem. Your pic of the fog on the bridge is really good. It reminds me of Saw Mill Road - having fog that day would have really "iced the cake".The fog has only gotten thicker. This morning when I let Haley out, I could not see George's boat dock. Candi and I went back to KDH last night to see the lights and I took pictures; but only a few of them are acceptable due to the fog. I will try again before they close down next weekend. Again, thanks for a great Christmas. "MUM"


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