Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas: 80’s Rock Style and Memories of Youth

Ok, so maybe I’m a little strange, but I did get a little un-funked today. Right now I’ve got Eric Clapton’s Time Pieces album cranked wide open. I’m putting together a new iPod playlist of the Rock I grew up to. It’s so amazing.. I can remember things I was doing 15 years ago when these songs were playing. I remember listening to the Pearl Jam Ten album with my walkman (god, a walkman.. really?) and a pair of clunky headphones.

Here’s a sample of what I’m putting together in this list:


Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

My mom found this CD when I was about 16 and threw it away. It was the first CD I’d ever gotten that I hadn’t bought myself. I remember Lauren gave it to me as a present shortly after we started dating.

Use your1

Guns and Roses reminds me of two things:

1) Lauren and her sister smoked a LOT of pot back in the day.  I like the music but hated the pot. lol. Wow.. 107 Colington Drive. I still remember living there.


2) The other GNR memory is of riding through Nags Head Woods (before it was paved) with Richard. He and I in the bid “Red Bird” 1970 Chevy Nova, two lipstick red and black. God that was a bad ass car!


Def Leppard and my appreciation for all things one-handed is another thing I owe to Lauren. I have to admit, the woman had an amazing taste in music. I HATED it back then, because I was forced to learn every word to every Def Leppard, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, and Jim Morrison song ever written.  I love it now. All that music is just full of cool memories now.

New Additions to My Collection:


I added a little new material today too. I’ve been on a female-vocalist country music kick this week. I’ve just gotten some new Sugarland and Miranda Lambert. I decided to sample the Miranda stuff before I committed to it, but she’s got a really awesome voice; country and twangy without being nasal or too pop (read as Taylor Swift).

Now I can’t decide what to mix up next. I’m on a kick here.

Memory to Share:

In memory of my younger days running the roads with Richard, I found a picture of our old car. I say “our” because he paid for it but I spent more hours in that car than just about anywhere else that year. Ours was built with bondo, spackle, and LOTS of work before it was this pretty.  Richard loved that car more than any woman. If it were the Red Bird or his girl that had to go, she’d better know she was packin’ to leave.

She was hand-sanded and had custom paint ordered from Chevrolet. She bit it one day in a deadman’s curve in Currituck. Richard was driving around a curve when two camaro’s rounded the curve racing towards him, each trying to get in front of the other. He had nowhere to put her except the ditch… The red bird plowed through a cornfield with two tons of steel and 307 cubic inches of haul-ass at 70 miles an hour and never drove again. To her credit, she kept him alive. He walked away without much of a scratch.

red bird


  1. "country and twangy without being nasal or too pop (read as Taylor Swift)."

    Come on Tommy? You are kidding me right? How can you not like Taylor? At least she writes or co-writes her music unlike most of the current country bimbos. (read as Underwood/Simpson)

    On second thought take Underwood out of my last statement she is just too damn hot! And sometimes being able to sing is better than actually writing your own songs (see King George)

    I have to agree with you on Miranda though "awesome voice; country and twangy"


  2. I still have great taste in music! And it was 307 Colington Drive...maybe you inhaled too much second hand smoke!!!

    Lauren B


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