Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Coffee Concoctions

hamilton coffee pot


My old coffee pot finally gets what it deserves… to die! Cathy and Frankie gave me a Hamilton Beach one-cup coffee pot for Christmas this year. I used to have one like this that uses a thermal holding tank to hold hot coffee, rather than depending on the warming plate to keep it hot. The warming place usually results in my coffee tasting scorched in less than an hour after brewing and I wind up throwing half the pot away. I haven’t been able to find one I liked in years though. Most of the new styles actually make the coffee one cup at at time and I’m far too impatient for that!

Presently, my new coffee pot it sitting right next to its smaller predecessor on my  countertop, happily burbling away on a fresh pot of coffee as my old pot sits there and faces its imminent demise! I’m sitting here right now drinking the last cup of crappy coffee that pot will ever make!



  1. Very nice! I was looking into these one-cup coffee makers too. How many ounces does it make and can you adjust it? Also, can you adjust the strength of the coffee? And, does is use those "pods" or just your own coffee grounds?

  2. This isn't actually a one cup coffee maker. Instead of having the carafe for the coffee it houses it inside the top portion of the coffee maker keeping the whole "pot" warm instead of just what's on the warming plate.

    A friend of ours has the one cup maker, and my understanding is that the little pods can get expensive...

  3. Yeah. I should be more specific in the description. It makes one whole pot, or how ever much you choose to make. (The inside of the carafe does have a nifty measuring level for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cups.

    Once made, the coffee stays in the upper carafe until you put a cup under it. You put the cup against the depressor and it fills it, pretty quickly too, so there's no waiting.

    It's NOT a "slug" coffee maker, so it uses your own grounds. The slug maker uses those premade slugs, and as April said, they get really rather expensive after awhile if you have a 2 pot/day habit like mine.

    However, if you're more of the one cup at a time a few rare times a day, those would be most cost effective because they don't waste the rest of the pot.


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