Thursday, December 02, 2010

AVG USERS BEWARE: Update Causes Crash on Some Systems

We just wanted to share the news with those of you out there who run AVG 2011 (Paid or Free Versions). The most recent update AVG released contained a corrupted update file and is causing failure to boot on some 64-bit systems.  This only applies to AVG versions with the virus database 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292). Other systems “should” not be affected, according to reports from AVG.

How to tell what version you’re running?

If you’re not a super-savvy computer user, here’s how to do it. Double click the AVG icon in your system tray so you can see the AVG main screen. The area you’re looking for is highlighted in the red box below.


If your AVG version says this (see picture below) AND you’re running a 64-Bit operating system, you could be affected.


What to do if you’ve been affected

The fix isn’t exactly overly difficult, but does most likely require an experienced technician to perform as there are a variety of ways to fix the system depending on how your computer was affected.  Contact a local computer repair technician in your area for more assistance. The news is pretty widespread through the IT community, so its likely they’ll be informed about it already and have ways to remove the bug. Of course you can always call us!

Note: This is classified as a major system repair, and is due to a fault of the manufacturer of the software, so we don’t cover this incident free of charge. There’s nothing you as a user did to cause it, but there’s also nothing your IT guy could have done to prevent it. The fault lies with AVG and they’ve done what they feel possible to resolve the situation without financial remuneration to customers.

Helpful Links From AVG Regarding This Issue:

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