Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ramadan Mabruk my Libyan Friends

Being a self-obsessed American, I completely forgot it was Ramadan in Libya already. I was reading something today that reminded me to check the date and sure enough… Happy Ramadan! I’m so very sad that I’m not there to share in it this year. Although my American customs probably offend some in Libya during this time of year, (no eating, smoking, drinking, etc) we were welcomed with open arms into our Libyan friend’s homes the last time we were there during Ramadan. It’s an amazing season of thanksgiving and family sharing that I wish we Americans practiced too.


My best wishes to you all during this time of celebration and reflection. Don’t fast TOO much! And someone break their fast for me with some tea and dates! God I miss that!


PS: If anyone of you over there are in a position, you know we’re always looking for projects to bring us back! I’d like nothing more than to spend the next ten years over there doing what we do best, inshallah. Again, Ramadan Mabruk and the blessings of Allah all of you and your families!


  1. lol @ Don’t fast TOO much! :o)

    Thank you Tommy, best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Sorry I took so long to read your post . Thanks to you for the Ramadan greetings . I looked for a update on your dad and didn't find anything new on him so am thinking no news is good news , so to speak .Blessings of strength to the family from me and Moe . Please say hello to April for me .

  3. Hi,
    U have a very interesting blog. I came across your blog when i started researching the company ATI. Sorry to hear what has happened to U guys and hope U will receive justice. I'm currently studying for my CCNA and someone i know met the gentleman you spoke of and suggested that i have a meeting with him to see what he can do for me but after what i learned from your post i'm thinking twice about it. After reading your blog U seem to be a very open minded person and especially the blog about Ramadan. Don't be offended but when i used to think about the south i thought South=Republican which = Bush but after reading some of your blog i'll try not to think like that about Southern folks. I'm also from Raleigh, NC (originally from Chicago). I wish for U and your friends health, wealth and success.


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