Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome: New Browser

I’ve been playing with Google Chrome since it came out this week. So far I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the new browser. It’s lightning fast, lightweight, has a small cpu footprint, and seems to do most everything I’ve tried so far pretty well. The only thing that’s not working so far is the ability to zoom using my mouse. I know the mouse is working properly, so it’s some code in Chrome that’s not picking up the command properly. Otherwise though, pretty cool.



If you want to try out Chrome for yourself, you can download it from google here:

If anyone has any comments on their usage of Chrome I’d love to hear your comments. I’m not ready to suggest it to clients or anything yet, but for those of you seeking a slimmed down fast browsing experience, this seems to be it. To be fair to firefox and IE 8, part of the speed comes from the fact that there are no toolbars, no plugins, and no other junk installed to slow down the loadtime on the browser, whereas Firefox 3 has a few plugins installed and tends to load Javascript a little slower than Chrome, though still faster than Internet Explorer Beta 8.2.



  1. I am thoroughly enjoying Chrome! The dedicated address bar is revolutionary and the sandbox concept is fabulous. The scrolling/mouse play is a feature I think Google knows about and plans on rectifying in future editions. Just from what I heard. Have you read the comic? It's great...

  2. Oh and the Application Shortcuts... made my inner geek dance for joy.


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