Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updates on the Man in the North

My brother just hit me on Twitter a moment ago to tell me where he was. He's got a 4,338 mile journey from North Carolina to Alaska to make this week and I'm worried about him being on the road that much. That's a lot of highway in which something can go wrong.

Here's his trip outlined below..... pretty amazing trip to make by truck. I'm jealous as hell. I'd love to have a road trip to Alaska.


NCto alaska 


As of 9 AM this morning, he's in Benton, Illinois. (shown below)

benton ill


Long way to go!


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  1. I told Ray, if I didn't have the milk cow I'd go with him too. I'm a little jealous too. Becky

  2. I spoke with Ray a little ago and they had just visited the "Arches" in St. Louis, MO. They are having a great time and I wish I was there too. I am already planning a trip to visit him next year.
    Brenda (mom)


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