Friday, June 13, 2008

4,529 & Counting...

I'm uploading photos again. Good Lord this is an exercise in tedium. I just crossed 4,529 photos uploaded, very close to 30% of the total library completed. Most of the albums on my computer are sorted alphabetically, but keyworded so that all the similar albums will be near each other in the list. I had no idea how many albums started with the word "Birthday-" which was followed by "Christmas-." I am now finally through with those and on to other more random collections. That's both a blessing and a curse. With almost 15000 photos to upload, there's no way to know what's not been appropriately tagged after they're all uploaded, so I have to tag each one and apply it to a set as it goes up in a batch. Trying to find every time Tommy, Tom, April, and Bridget are all in a concert photo from the Rascall Flatts concert and then labelling each one takes almost half an hour for one album. Time can slip away from you quickly, as evidenced by the time stamp on this post. It's 9:06 AM and I belong at work right now. I've been working on these things since about 7:25 this morning.


Check out the new stuff if you want, but I have to head to work! More posts soon.

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  1. After you finish all this , you might think of a carer as a carder in the Library of Congress or something , lol !Hope your dad is better and you were able to share this Father's Day together . Blessings


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