Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beach Weekend Confirmed: Friday Nov 30 - Sunday Dec 2

Ok. It's confirmed. George and Judy were nice enough to rent us the house for $200.00 for the weekend. We're going to go down to the beach on Friday November 30th, and stay until sometime Sunday morning or afternoon and come back.


Current Attendees Are:


Doc/ Bridget

---Your Name Here---


Planned Events:

NONE... that's the point. This is a no-stress weekend at the beach in a cool house. We have plenty of bedrooms for more to join, but let me know so I can make sure we don't over book. We'd love to have two or three more people though!


At this point we are planning only a few things:

  • Bonfire in the backyard, IF they lift the burn ban that's currently in effect.
  • Hamburgers/Steaks/Chicken.. whatever.. Grill food. Basically only stuff you can cook with FIRE!
  • There is a possibility for some hang-gliding time if the wind cooperates and if Ray has the time to teach a few of you how to do it.

Nothing else major is planned. If you want to hit the local scene to do some christmas shopping, feel free. If you want to hang out on the dock and enjoy the water and nature, that's ok too. That's about what I'll be doing. Basically I just want a chance to "spend time" with my friends one more time this year before the year is over.  This was my mother's idea... she loved having everyone down so much that she asked me to put this together. So you KNOW you're all invited!



Post 'em and I'll answer 'em.

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  1. TJ-I think the cost was $250.00. 3 bedrooms- 1 with king bed; 1 with 2 double beds, 1 with bunk beds, 2 couchs that MAY pull out into beds and lots of thick carpeted floor space. I am off all of next week, so come down Friday when you can. I will have the house open and set up. Can't wait to see you all.


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