Thursday, April 12, 2007

The remodeling begins...

Remodeling: You know, it's a stage in a man's life when he feels like he's "doing" something for his family... it's nice. Also, I'm dead tired! lol. We started tonight. It's official. There's no going back. I"m having the paint delivered tomorrow morning and so we started the basic pre-steps tonight; taking all the pictures down, patching all the holes, knocking down walls, repulling some of the electrical.

It's going to take a few days to get it done, but I'm glad to finally be started. This means I've hit the point where there's no going back. There's notes scribbled on all the walls, saying things like "Red here, Blue over here, Cork up there." It's fun. I took a few pics if you're interested to see the progress.

The last view of the old original living room/dining room.


Yeah.. that wall.. that one right there? Gotta go.

Hannah helps take the moulding off the railing of the half-wall.

Meanwhile, Miss April fills holes before the new paint job!

Mark and I diagnose a little electrical issues before tearing the live circuits out and re-running them to repower the porch lights on the patio.

Anyone got an excedrin? That wasn't easy to rip out of the floor!

Hannah has moved on to spackling small blemishes in the door mouldings before painting.


One wall down.. what's next?



Tomorrow, the paint comes. Then we start marking the walls for the new double-chair rail thats going to be hung and start the long process of applying paint.

Wish us luck!

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