Friday, April 13, 2007

Remodeling (Begins in Earnest...)

Ok.. so I thought I was tired last night when we started ripping that wall out. Having experience this day in its entirety, I realize that I was quite mistaken about my prior thoughts. I wasn't even feeling the beginnings of tired yet. Now, I can say that I'm tired.... exhausted. It's been a LONG day of working on the house, but it's starting to come together. Here's a little preview of our progress throughout the day.


We got that wall tore out and cleaned up a little bit. I've still got some basic remodeling to do there, but I'll get to that tomorrow or Sunday sometime.


It came to my attention earlier today that my daughter did not know how to properly enjoy a Bologna sandwich. After convincing her that its actually NOT that good cold, she agreed to learn how to cook a bologna sandwich! What followed was an enjoyable break from our toils while we munched down on our sandwiches and prepared to begin phase two of the remodeling.

I spent 6 hours taping walls, ceilings, doorways, etc in preparation for painting when April got home from work. She and Hannah went to work with a vengeance.

Yeah, you can guess who got put on ladder detail.

Hannah applies finishing touches to the median where the chair rail will go tomorrow.

April takes a turn with the high spots while I work on trim paint.

More baseboards that have to come up. I waited until last for this one because it meant I had to move the stereo and big screen to get to it.

Blue..... kind of a battleship blue color. I really like it! It contrasts well with the cork color on the other side walls.

And here you have a general preview of what it will look like, minus the chair rail that's got to be added tomorrow. I'm going to Lowe's tomorrow mornign to start on that part while April and Hannah work on finishing the painting.

I'll post more later when we've put a bigger dent in the project. Next: Chair rail, door casements, and hardwood!

Wish us luck!


  1. Wow! You did this in only a few days! It woulds take your average Libyan years to accomplish this! - I know this from personal experience....sigh....

    Looks wonderful! Keep going!

  2. I love, love, love it!!! Khadija, it's been so fun to do this ourselves.... I never even realized.

    My coworkers and I were just saying at lunch today how long it would take if we had hired someone..... evidently American painters don't move much faster than Libyan painters.... hehehehe :)

  3. It's really looking lovely! No one can work as slowly as they do here in Libya. Today the weather turned 'cold' - it's 70 degrees outside. So the workers have all decided it's too cold to work. Hubby has decided to spend the day at home... now he's hiding under a blanket but soon he will be up getting under my feet....

    too cold... 70 degrees...uuuugh

    I saw Rhonda yesterday... she says to tell you hello.


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