Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Africa: Day 20 (ana urid Beer, En-sha-allah!)

Looks like we're coming home guys! Tim and I made plans today. We're leaving Tripoli at 1600 hrs on Thursday afternoon and will be sleeping in JFK Thursday night while we wait for our Friday 6 AM Flight to RDU.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to keep you informed. More posts and pics when I get to the states.  I don't have much time right now... I have to go home and get my socks and underwear out of the oven...

(And Wess thought that my pizza, on the coffee burner innovation was impressive! You should see my dryer! I'm not paying the electric bill.... that's all I gotta say about it. I'll take a pic to show you!)

Love you all!

PS: Thanks for the comment earlier, Kadeja!

Tommy: 2155 HRS GMT+2 022007


  1. Sorry I missed your call this AM - I was in the shower and couldn't get to it in time. Glad to know you are headed home. I will be praying for your and Tim's safety. Hope to see you soon.
    I love you. Mom

  2. By this time tomorrow night Tommy will be on a plane on his way to JFK airport!! :D I can't wait until he gets home!!

    Baby, if you see this, I can get off from work at 5 on Friday.... I'll even try to take a short lunch and come home early!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. TJ! You're going to be about 5 miles from me on Friday! I live in Raleigh now. Call me @ 919-604-9407, I'd love to see you. Miss you - Katie


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