Monday, February 05, 2007

Africa: Day 11 (Citizen Cane)

I'll keep this post short. My temper and my pain threshold  are both suffering today. I sit here with my new accoutrement keeping me company... a shiny black 36" cane. I woke up at 5:30 this morning screaming in pain with tears rolling down my face, apparently having been crying for quite sometime considering the dampness of the pillow beneath my face.

I woke having absolutely no recollection as to why exactly I was crying, quite mystified by the fact. I have never in my life awakened in mid-cry with my nose stuffed up, my head mushy with sleep, and tears running down my face, so it took me a moment to discover what may have been the source of the episode.

Rolling over in the bed to stand up and get a cigarette, since I was quite obviously awake for the day, I started to stand only to fall screaming back into the bed as I attempted to put pressure on my right foot. Apparently, I hit my ankle in my sleep... I'm still not quite sure as to why I woke that way, but I can tell you definitively that I now know that I have indeed sprained my ankle.

Unfortunately, sprain or no, I have a trip planned for tomorrow which will have me doing quite a significant bit of traveling and walking. So, it was with grim determination that I surmounted the tasks of showering and putting my foot into a boot to go shopping... cane shopping. I feel quite foolish walking around town in a carhart jacket, leather cowboy hat, and cane, but the device seems to make the issue bearable for now. Hopefully, this week will end without further incident and I'll be able to relax a little this weekend and "put my feet up" without causing myself further pain.

I have to go for now... I have tasks that remain unaccomplished today which require my attention. I'll talk to you all soon.

PS: Thanks April, Mom, and Wess for the emails. Please write more if you get time. I'll try to respond to the ones I have today.

Love you all,

Tommy: 1538HRS 020507


  1. Klutz! You remind me of Doc and the jellyfish! And thank god you're there and not here or I'd have a 10" wedgie sticking out of the side of my head. LOL. Feel better.

  2. Hahaha. Hahaha. Citizen Cane. Nice one Cuz. Keep up the good work and your joints will look like mine.


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