Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OMGIGP – Do you suffer from this?

Ok, I’m not a fan of Internet Explorer, much less the new horribly unreliable Internet Explorer 8.. *shudders* but I had to share this!

But really… are they so bad off that they have to IMPROVE their standing by resorting to vomit? I mean how bad to you have to be before vomiting is better than what you had before? Hey.. we suck so bad that if we put puke in our ad, and hire spiffy-boy, we can actually increase our downloads!

Can you see the advertising department with this one on their desks? “Ok we need to take back the market from Google and Mozilla and we’re losing.. what haven’t we tried yet? I got it. PUKE! Let’s have this chick vomit all over the place and then talk about how we are better than vomit! I mean, we gotta be better than something right? Vomit is good. We’re better than vomit, right?”

(wow.. I laughed just putting the tech-tags in this post)


  1. Please GOD tell me that's not actually an ad!!!!

  2. Well, who else could afford Dean Cain for a spoof? I'm not sure...

  3. Actually, yes it is official. lol. Check out the site at the end of the ad. http://browserforthebetter.com. It's an official microsoft ad to support "feeding America".. which I find REALLY funny.. do you think "Feeding America" is a good thing, considering you're promoting making them vomit? I'm sure the united bolemic association of wierdos will have something to say about this!


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