Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Again. And more spam?

I just got home an I’m sooo tired. I spent all day with Mom working on updates to the house that have been needed for awhile now and just haven’t been gotten around do. Recased a door, retrimmed some small stuff in the living room, replaced two sections of floor due to water damage ( got to look harder to find the source of that) and moved her home office back from the small third bedroom to the larger second bedroom.  I left around 10:00 and just walked in the door to be greeted by about a hundred and fifty job applications for the new position we’re filling.

I ran an ad in the local paper Sunday and Wednesday, their most popular days, and garnished a whopping 6 responses, only 1 of which was slightly qualified. Here is a hint for those considering writing a resume for an IT job. If they’re hiring for a server 2008 administration position you might want to consider NOT listing Windows ME and MS Paint as programs you are “proficient” in…  That’s pretty much like saying I’m qualified to be President of the United States of America because I chew pancakes and can talk at the same time.


On the interesting side of things I did run into a prescoob* today on FaceBook. It seems Tavia (who I could never hit on when I was younger because she was Richard’s girl, but whom I always thought incredibly attractive) is on facebook. I ran into her through Jamie I think. No worries Tav.. I’m over my fantasy now. lol. Bridget is on there now too finally. I’ve been wondering what in the world took her so long. She’s got new pictures of her with LD on there if anyone wants to see them.

Now, I think I’m going to see what I missed on TV last night by catching up on Hulu, then I’m going to bed to rack out before my spine fuses together permanently in this hunched position.

One more thought…

Stupid Spam Attack:

I got hit with this email tonight, which just made me laugh. Check out the spam email:

Dear user tjordan@carolinaregion.com,

We have found that your email account has been used to send a huge amount of unsolicited e-mail during the last week. Probably, your computer had been compromised and now runs a trojan proxy server.We recommend you to follow our instructions in the attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Have a nice day,

The carolinaregion.com support team.

Really? Just run your attachment and you’ll remove the “trojan proxy server” just like that? Wow. Thanks carolinaregion.com support team… wait.. I AM THE CAROLINAREGION.COM support team! That’s about the lamest attempt at trojan infection I’ve seen in quite awhile. I’m very sorry, mystery support people, it seems my antivirus program accidentally deteled your ever-so-helpful program. Oops.


Final Thought:

My mom made the comment the other day when we were talking about names for children that though I’m technically the 3rd; Thomas S*@$%! Jordan, III., according to the government now that my father and grandfather are deceased I will technically drop the III from my surname for all intents and purposes.  Anyone know anything about that? I never thought about it until now, but surely Papa wasn’t christened with the, Sr. in his name at birth. Rather, at some time in his life it had to have been added, most likely when there was a Jr to speak of. If that’s the case, when I have a male child who carries on the name, is he the IV (read as 4th for those of you who can’t count roman numerals) or do I henceforth become Sr again and he becomes Jr? I’m confused on the matter. If only King Henry I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, or IIX were alive to ask today…


*PreScoob: I’m coining this one right now for future use. If you’re a “Scoob” and remember the what the term means, then these would be people who qualified pre-coinage of the original Scoobification.


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