Monday, July 21, 2008

Old Dog, New Tricks:Working with Lightbox and Flash

This is as much a test post as anything. I’m back into web design again, only because a new clients refused to let me say no, so now I find myself staring into the abyss of code that’s left me behind in recent years. Good Lord, there is a lot to re-learn.


So, test number one is using flash and xml to create a few automated image galleries.


Using Autoviewer

I’ve got two flash tests up to work with. The first is using a platform called autoviewer, with a plugin for Picasa. I can use a Wrapper element to enclose the code in an iframe and then even a non-geek can figure it out.


So, let’s see if my Autoviewer code worked. Visit This is a  test using hi-res graphics, which SHOULD be scaled down to fit in the slideshow. Comment tags from Picasa are supported, so i don’t have to teach the user how to comment the photos manually… another cool feature.

Please comment if you can’t see the slideshow.


Using TiltViewer

This one is more of a “fun” app than one I would use for business. TiltViewer requires a server to run, so you can’t test it locally, but it does support automatic import of FlickR galleries using tags for content include, which means it can be updated on the fly. I tested this one using my flickr gallery and grepping for all photos with the word “Tommy” or “Jordan.” Visit to see the test.


Using LightBox

This test bombed… totally.

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