Monday, July 21, 2008

Disturbing Log Files

I’m prone to reading my blog access logs a few times each week. Its interesting to me to see what people were searching for when they found my site, what site they were on last, and specifically what google searches bring you right to my door. It helps me to determine what content to put on the site, what visitors like and don’t like, and what I should write more about in my future posts.


Some of you remember I wrote an article about child rape early last month, specifically about how a federal court ruled the rape of a minor not to be a capital offense worthy of the death sentence.


This morning I am greeted with this from my blog logs:

child rape

Some sick dude in Latvia decided he wanted to download porn of Free Child Rape Pictures. I just about spewed my coffee across my keyboard when I found the log file. It should be legal to prosecute twisted souls like this just for the desire alone, with no need for malicious intent… I’m still shuddering…


All I know about the guy is that he’s from Latvia, from a city called Jelgava, and that he’s a sick bastard. So, in case he returns here to read this article, I have a message!



The only thing I find more disturbing that this guy’s twisted needs is the fact that I’m the 4th link on google if you search those keywords (shown in the picture). Ugh. Can I NOT be included in that google search category?

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