Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Tracey!


See what I'm doing? lol. I'm little Mr. Betty Crocker today. Tracey baked a cake for me for April's birthday because I didn't want April to see me baking it, so now I'm returning the favor. I only have a minute to write because I currently have three cake pans in the oven and two more to go in once these are done. I'm making an 8 layer chocolate cake for tonight.  As you can see above, I'm currently killing time downloading 7 new audiobooks while I wait on this cake thingy to get done... I really hope it comes out all right. She requested yellow cake with chocolate icing. Personally I feel pretty slack making that considering all the effort she put into April's cake. That thing was ginormous! However, her mother always made her yellow cake with chocolate icing every year when she was growing up, so she really looks forward to it each year. Knowing that, I feel a little less slack.


Crap.. buzzer dinged... gotta check the loafy yellow things.


Whoa that was close. Three down, two to go. Back to work.. I have audiobooks to import and cakes to bake.

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  1. A man that can cook a cake ??? And multi talented too ! WOW ! Is April lucky or what ??? That was a nice thing to do for your friend . Hope all turned out well .


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