Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's with the resume?

Well, I'll tell you. Most of you know already so it's not like it's extremely new news. It's looking like Applied Technologies is running low on funds again this year's end. To that end, the ability of the company to continue to pay me and Tim is pretty much expected to cease.  We are getting one month's severance pay (according to the email I received today) so I can't complain about my treatment.


What's going to happen?

Well, there are a couple of possibilities. The overall goal here is to get my company off the ground; I should stipulate that by "my", I am referring to the partnership between myself and Tim in 3rd and Wayne. We have both wanted this for a long time and this might be a good time for it to happen. I know Tim was getting burned out on the stresses of the projects and the travel, so a change might be what's needed.


How does this affect us being in Libya?

Well, unfortunately I don't have plans to return in the immediate future. I WANT to return.. hell, I have a LOT of stuff over there I'd like to get back! But, it's going to take me some time to get my own projects in that country and in other countries like it, so unless a financial investor falls out of the sky in the upcoming months, my plans for making millions overseas will have to develop more slowly. lol.


I'm not sure exactly how this will affect me here in the states. I'm looking for both work AND contracts at the same time. Basically I'm looking for ways to employ ME personally so I can invest more money in the company's pockets and I'm also looking for contracts and clients for the company to work with, with the same result in mind. We'll have to see how it goes. Tim is a great engineer and I'm a great sales person so we're going to be putting our feet to the bricks and drumming up business anywhere we can. Our combined reputations and references are usually enough to get us in the door IF we can locate the customers who are in need of services. It's not hard to DO good work, at least not if your work ethic is there... what's hard is getting yourself in front of people who need your services WHEN they need your services. Once they try us, they never go anywhere else... it's just that "once they try us" part that we're going to have to work up.


So, if any of you know any people who need any of the following, by all means let me or Tim know.

  • Fiber Optic Installation/Troubleshooting/Certification/Support
  • Network Support or Installation (Category 5 or 6)
  • Telecommunications Installation or support
  • and of course... computer and peripheral sales or support.

(Yes, for once I'm actually ASKING people to call me for computer support!) You'd know that the one time I actually want and NEED computer work, it's scarce. When I don't need it people are beating down my door to get me to fix their PC's or home networks.


In the end, it'll all work out. We do some of the best work you can ask for and we never lose customers so we're doing SOMETHING right, ya know?


The REAL kick in the head:

Ha.. well I DID get one thing to smile about today. I got a job offer within 36 hours of posting my resume.. for 1.5 times my current salary to start plus full benefits and paid travel... Good to know I can always fall back in service to "the man" if I have to!




  1. Hey Tommy ! Sorry to hear you won't be in our neck of the woods any time soon , since you never got in touch with me to have that coffee after you brought me the package from my daughter this last summer , was it ? Please say hello to April for me , from one of the crazy American women she meet at the wedding in Tripoli , last year .Wishing you both well this Christmas and New Year , On The Edge

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment. I'm trying my best to get back that way now. I'm looking for work in Libya, but it's really hard to make contacts from this side of the ocean.

  3. wishing you, your family and your readers a happy christmas and new year


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