Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holiday Ho Ho Wind Up

(Yeah, like I could really say that with my stutter, right?)

Well, I know it's been almost a month since I wrote on here and I'm usually pretty good about keeping up to date. It's just been busy, same as I'm sure it has been for everyone else this holiday season. As you can see, I've done a little revamping to both blogs (Scooby Central & Me-Tomorphasis both share blog content back and forth.) I've streamlined Scooby central a little to make it more friendly for those with slower connections (ie, anyone overseas).

Me-Tomomorphosis has been completely rebuilt using Wordpress, hosted on my own server, so I'm learning all kinds of new things I can do with that.. kudos to me!

Let me see if I can give you the highlight of the recent adventures:

Mom and I at the Wall.


I had to go to Federal Court again in Washington DC (not for anything related to ME I assure you) so I decided to take Mom on a small vacation. Since the government (ie. you taxpayers) was footing the bill for the posh hotel, we got to take in some of the sights. Mom took my brother and I go DC when I was about 6 or 7 years old and she hasn't been back since, so it was kind of cool that for her second trip I got to take her instead!

Of course, while we were there we had to take the typical tourist pictures for her scrapbook; Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Natural History Museum, etc.

 Dinner Course Number 3 I think.Since I might not get to take her to Libya any time soon, I was really glad to be able to take her to an Authentic Arabic restaurant and let her enjoy dinner the way we got used to having it when I was in Libya. She had a blast. We ate dinner at the Merakesh in downtown DC.


Well, I could write about each little thing for hours, but I'll synopsize a little for the sake of Brevity.






April got her much deserved vacation from work the week before Christmas, which is why you haven't heard from either of us much during the last three weeks.

She really wanted to see Biltmore Estate, so I took her out there for a two day tour of the grounds. It's really an amazing place. If you can imagine a house that 175 THOUSAND square feet, that originally sat on 125,000 acres of personally owned property.

 Biltmore House From Outside


The dining room is 70 feet tall in the middle and has three fireplaces to keep it warm. Huge place. Beautiful architecture though.

And of course, we got a picture taken there at the house. Since the photos are $32 a pop, I'm definitely sharing it around! Here ya go!

( I want a .05 cent donation from each of you viewers! Ha!)



And of course, post-vacation we rolled right over into Christmas. Christmas was pretty awesome this year. Cool gifts aside, it was really great that we got to see Everybody (almost) without having to drive all over God's creation! We went to Aunt Faye's annual gathering to eat dinner on Sunday before Christmas, then to April's folks on that same day, and again to her parent's on Christmas Eve. Then, to top it off, my family came up to have Christmas at our house this year,which was really really cool! I'm not sharing all those photos because it would take forever, but you can see them on my Google Pictures, or on my Facebook Christmas Photos account, either way is ok if you want to look them up.

Other News:

On other fronts, life is plodding along. The Post-Christmas sloth is a battle I have to fight continuously this week. Getting back into gear to hunt new customers and new job leads is grueling after spending 10 days or so happily hanging out and relaxing here at the house. I had a good start today though. I got a few new good leads with an electrical contractor in Greenville that wants to sub-contract me out for Triple-play and voice/data networking. 

News on the international travel desk is null at this point I'm afraid. I've had a few interested emails, but nothing solid that will take the Dynamic Duo back overseas anytime soon. I'm really looking hard into Dubai, Libya, Egypt, Kazhakstan, Australia, and the UK... all areas I'd love to work and experience. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me the best of luck.

I'll post more soon!


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