Thursday, June 15, 2006

Message From April

Hey all. April asked me to post this on the blog for her. She's in Africa and has a pretty slow connection. So, here's the message I got today when I woke up.
Hey baby!
I'm going to apologize now, but I don't remember what we talked about yesterday on the phone. Please forgive me, but I was so tired I had fallen asleep a little before you had called, so I wasn't completely awake. What all did we talk about? :)
I got here fine, the flights were not too bad. Ok, except for getting seated on the JFK-LHR flight. The air wasn't functioning properly, and I was seated with two guys, one which was Jewish (Yiddish??) and did not observe the same hygiene techniques we do. Luckily the matriarch of the group he was with moved from her seat to assist with a baby in front of us and gave him her seat, cause I think there was an empty one in that row as well. Luckily that made things more comfortable. The other guy was from Finland, but lived and worked in Dallas/Fort Worth area, and was traveling on business. I was able to stretch out into two seats, so at least I was able to get comfortable. I had slept too much in JFK, so I couldn't get to sleep on the plane, but managed to watch two movies inflight and Will and Grace, so it was ok. I dozed a few times, but nothing I could call sleep.
The airports were nice, I managed to get around pretty well, I didn't get lost once! :) There were ok shops in JFK, but WOW, were there shops in LHR!! I felt like I was in a mall! :D I could have really gotten into trouble, but I wanted to make sure I had enough money for the duration, so I'll have to save the shopping for the return trip. I will say however, I would much rather travel with other people, cause you cannot leave your luggage anywhere, and it's hard to save good seats for napping if you have no way of marking it. LOL The food during travel was good, I managed to eat quite a bit at each meal without spending too much. Including eating on the plane, I bought two meals in JFK and one in LHR.
When I arrived in Tripoli, there was no one waiting for me at customs, and they took my passport somewhere to talk to someone for like 15 mins. I didn't see anyone there, so I got really nervous. Luckily everything was fine and I managed to make it to the line of drivers waiting for their specific customers. I was brought straight to Swanni campus and met Nizar, Muhammed ATI (or Mohamed??), and Murad. Muhammed is a cutie, and yes, Marisa would flip out over him!! I can only see her now! LOL!! At the hotel, before we left for dinner, I was able to meet Kojak, and I told him hello for you. He asked how you were doing and how your mouth was.... he seems like a really nice person, but I could see the authority just floating around him. :) We went to the Corinthia and had dinner at the Italian rest., we even ate outside on the deck. It was beautiful, but a little chilly! There was a dark cloud that kinda floated through, and I believe it was attached to the wind and cooler air, but I saw no rain. The sun had even begun to set as we were finishing, and it was a beautiful site! I haven't taken any pictures yet, cause other than the airports they would be simliar pictures to yours, so I figured I'd wait for a while before I take any. We may be going to the fish market to eat tonight, since Dr. Moe expressed wanting to take me there. :) He treated for dinner last night, and it was nice having a chance to sit and chat with him and the guys.
I miss you like crazy, and can't wait until you get here! It's absolutely the most beautiful, yet ugly, clean, yet horribly dirty, amazing city I've ever been to. And the driving, OMG it's AWESOME!!! I rode up front from the airport to Swanni, and rode in the middle row to the hotel. I loved it! They especially told Earnhardt to "treat" me to real driving, I was giggling the whole time!! :D I loved it! I'm at Swanni with the guys today, Dr. Moe is also here with us. Oh, I forgot, Dr. Moe mentioned that the apartment should be ready soon, so maybe we'll be in it next week, or will be in it by the time you get here. I like the hotel, but I don't have a waterfront room, but my corner balcony faces the front parking lot and road. I listened to the sounds for a little while, but got so sleepy I had to close the door. My room was actually cool, they said they have AC, and I noticed it some, but it could have just been because it was so cool outside.
Ok, I really need to cut this off, please forward this to everyone, or even put it on the blog for me if you can! Also, please call my mom and give her my hotel number and room number, and explain to her the best times to call. I love you bunches, miss you like crazy, and can't wait to see you!! Call me tonight when you can, if I can get online from the hotel to let you know I'm there I will try.
Talk to you soon!


  1. To contact her at her hotel, this is what you dial: (in case you are unfamiliar with international calls)

    Cell Phone: 011-218-21-335-0676
    Land Line: 1-011-218-21-335-0676
    Her room number is 1330 right now. I'll update that if it changes.

    It's an international call, so you don't hear the "ring" sound that you're used to hearing. Instead, you'll hear about a 3 second "beep" sound. That means the phone is ringing.

    Once you get through, ask for room 1-3-3-0. These people are arabic, so they won't know the word "thirteen-thirty".. so pronounce the numbers and they'll get you the right room.

    I hope you find this helpful.

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound! Lots of pictures!!

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