Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Married My Best Friend


When: June 19th, 2010

Where: Our House in Albemarle, NC

Why: Because I couldn’t stand the idea of going a day longer without her as my wife.

Some of you already know the story of the last year and a half of my life, a story which goes all the way back to 1993. If I had carried my cuff links back from my first prom date seventeen years ago I would have never married her. I remember those prom cuff links cost me 13 dollars in charges for failing to return them to Davis Bridal in Manteo. (Click here if you want to see the details pertaining to how this all started.) I think one day soon I’m going to look them up and send them 13 more dollars and a note telling them how this all happened.

Amy and I have been wanting to be married for a long time. We’ve been talking about it almost since the first day we started dating again. I think we’ve both known for many months that we are the two destined for each other. Too many things had to be perfectly aligned in the universe for it to be any other way. She was made for me and I for her.

To all my friends who didn’t get to attend the marriage ceremony: I’m certainly sorry everyone couldn’t be there to share it with us. We’ve planned and planned and thought out ways to have the perfect wedding we want and to be able to have a huge event with all our friends, and believe me when I say we have a huge collection of wonderful people in our lives we would want to share this moment in our lives with. Life and responsibilities for both of us have just made it more difficult that we would have liked to have that perfect day the way we originally planned and so we decided to be together now for the sake of each other rather than wait for the sake of others.


So at 6 PM on Saturday we had the ceremony with some of our family present and a very few friends who could make it on short notice. Between 10 AM on Thursday and Saturday afternoon we managed to get the suit, dress, flowers, food prepared, guests, a preacher, and get the house completely cleaned and ready to accept company. It was a whirlwind of activity and I can’t imagine trying to plan it again, but it went off absolutely beautifully and afterwards we sat on the porch together amidst our friends and family and agreed that it was somehow absolutely perfect. It was us.

Then, in typical-geek-fashion, we announced it to the rest of the world via Facebook at 11 PM that night, after everyone had gone home and we finally had a moment to relax and just enjoy the remaining company. We laughed about it and thought to ourselves, “well, it’s going to be interesting in the morning” and went off to bed.

In all honesty, there was no way to call everyone at 10 PM that evening and even if we tried, amidst the collective 500 people we both know who deserved to know or to attend, the task of telling everyone was insurmountable. So, please accept my pardon if you feel slighted about finding out about it on the web, but at the end of the day we did this for each other, and we hope you’re happy for the both of us.

Amy and I have known for a long time that we are meant to be together. Too many things have aligned in the universe for it to be any other way.

Will there still be a big event? Yes!
Do we know when? Not yet.
Will everyone be invited? Of course!

In the meantime I have comfort that I’m married to the woman of my dreams and I’ve been gifted with something more wonderful than words can say. She carries my last name after all these many years! It’s so very hard to believe that she’s my wife! I’m still fearing that I’ll wake up only to find it all a dream.

I’m going to have to work every day of my life to be worthy of the woman who’s decided to share her life with me. I’m truly the luckiest man in the entire world today and every day henceforth from now on.

If you want to see the pictures and videos from the wedding, they’re all available online on my Facebook account, but also on Flickr (which is open to anyone, so you can see them without being a facebook member).

Wedding Photos on Flickr

Wedding Video on YouTube

That’s all for now! I hope you all find the happiness that I have and that you can appreciate it like I do, daily.

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  1. congratulations and good luck to both of you :o)


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