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Photo Recap of Summer 2009

As always happens with me, I get tied up doing one thing after another and don’t get to post as much as I’d like. I’ve decided to spend the last two nights working on getting photos online from the last 5 major events of the summer thus far. Rather than do my “12-page thing” where I talk on and on and on about every little detail, I’m just going to recap the highlights of each of the events here and let you see the photos for yourself if you’d like.


CompTIA Breakaway 2009

DSCN1148 Vegas baby! What else needs to be said, right? CompTIA invited me this year to attend Breakaway in Las Vegas. Amy decided to take off work and fly out there with me, and together we got to experience a lot of “first times” together. First time I’d been to vegas, been to a casino, been on a vacation, gambled, etc. (Seriously, I’ve never taken a vacation really… this was really cool.)

They put us up in the Mirage Hotel and Casino from August 3rd –August 6th. I won’t even go into the horrible US Airways trouble we had… that would set a wrong tone for this post. I’ll just say that the event itself was great. I spent my days going to classes, meeting vendors, making new network connections. Amy spent her days getting nails done, toes done, hair done, trying on $800.00 worth of underwear,  just about everything “done” a girl can get done.  I got to meet Jenn Pyle in person, my Comptia rep. She’s a really cool person. It was great to see Nancy in person, meet Chris Rue, see Amy Luby from MSPSN again, and just an overall awesome experience. Jeff Bartow will always have a special place in Amy’s heart for making the trip fun for her. She was a little lost amidst the 1100 geeks and he gave her someone to laugh with who wasn’t in geek-network mode all the time… although I do think Jenn almost killed him when he kept making jokes during the governor’s speech!

The photos from the event are online at: CompTIA Breakaway 2009


Geekend 2009

tim (214) Wow. Geek Week this year was amazing. This was the third (I think) but the first I’ve ever been able to attend. I really have to thank all the folks that made it possible. You’re all amazing. In short, since I was already going to be in Vegas in August and since Vegas is only 3 hours from Tim, James, Amy L, and Shak, they decided to host Geek Week around my trip, which made it much more possible for me to attend. (Thanks again CompTia for paying for the flights!)

Amy and I hung out at Tim and James’ house from Thurdsday August 6th until Monday August 10th. I had a lot more firsts while I was here. Let me see if I can think of them all:

First time I:

  • Went to California
  • Got to swim in the Pacific (that’s three oceans I’ve visited now)
  • Drove a Mini Cooper (Thanks again Amy!)
  • Drove the Sunset Strip WAY faster than legally recommended.
  • Went to an off-broadway production. (I saw Hair with the gang. Thanks again whoever came up with that idea.)
  • Got to meet all the gang I’ve been gamin with for the last 4 and a half years.
  • Had… whatever that stuff Tim made for breakfast was.
  • Hung out with 14 people and MY sexual preference was in the minority! (God, the stories I’ll never tell.)
  • Went on Vacation with Amy.
  • Went to the San Diego Zoo

It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. Thanks so much to all of you who came. It was really nice to meet everyone, especially Guy’s daughter, Serafina. I’ve heard her in the background talking for years now but I’ve never met her until now. She’s an amazingly cute little girl and awfully sweet. (She definitely gets none of that from Guy.)

The pictures are online at: Geekend 2009


Warning: There were 4 cameras going non-stop for 4 days, so there are a LOT of pictures from the weekend. I’ve tried to remove as many duplicates and blurry ones as possible, but I might have missed some. If anyone has any they want removed, just let me know as usual… I’ll take them down.

Note to Flickr Friends: I haven’t tagged everyone in them on Flickr, so if anyone wants to help with that, by all means feel free. There’s about 2000 tags that need to be done but it’s taken me two days just to get them all uploaded and sorted out as it is.


Family Reunion:


There’s not a lot to say about a family reunion in the South… it’s basically like Christmas, but hotter. The whole family gets together and we eat lunch, catch up on each other’s lives, take some pictures, then we all head on home. It was great to see everyone, but I wish more had made it. There’s a few I haven’t seen in many years that I’d love to see again, but there’s always next year I guess…

The photos are online at: Family Reunion 2009


Hannah’s First MHS Ball Game


My daughter is in eighth grade this year, but along with two of her classmates she was invited to play with the high school band during marching season. It was so very strange to sit in the bleachers with Michelle, EXACTLY three rows higher than we used to sit all those years ago, and watch my child playing with the high school marching redskins. Talk about nostalgia… wow. She did great and so did the team. Manteo opened the season with a victory over the Currituck Knights, and I got to see Hannah’s first marching performance. Very very cool.

The photos are online at:  MHS Marching Band 2009


Other Photos:


There are a few more, but it’s not special event or anything. Well, at least it’s no more special than any other day I spend with Amy, which is to say it’s always special. Anyway, here’s some pics of what we’ve been up to at the house this summer:

Photos are online at: Summer 2009

Th-Th-That’s all folks!

Till next time!

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  1. Geekend was definitely fun. The first I'll always remember from that trip was the first time I saw your naked ass (in person). :)

    hahaha ... it was great having you guys in Cali. Next year in SC? :)


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