Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If Women Ruled The World

It’s not often at all that I share email humor on the blog, but this was just too darned funny not to! Lisa Gard sent this to me in email earlier today and I just had to take a moment to pass on the laughs. This is our life if women ruled the world…


Friday, February 06, 2009

Update on Dad

I’m going to make a blog post here just to update everyone on what’s going on with Dad.

Yesterday morning Dad was taken to the emergency room because he was suffering from shortness of breath and was looking jaundiced. Fearing liver damage because of the jaundice, Janet had Becky take him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Dad was admitted yesterday morning and they did a battery of tests and determined that he was suffering from an extremely low red blood cell count. Basically he was being deprived of oxygen because his blood wasn’t flowing well, not to mention the COPD issues he is suffering from.

To top everything off, apparently the Hospice organization who was handling his case dropped him entirely, which I’m not even sure is freakin’ legal! What the hell is hospice there for if not to.. nevermind. That’s another rant for another day.

Anyway, I talked to Becky today. He’s back home as of 5PM this afternoon and he and Becky are both pretty exhausted. Becky has asked me to tell anyone who wants to call to give him and her until about 4 PM tomorrow so they can get some rest. Dad was awakened all night last night for tests and Becky is exhausted from dealing with doctors, family, finding a new hospice provider (which she did) and taking care of everything.

In short, Dad is home. All things considered, he’s as ok as he can be, and they’re both really exhausted but in good spirits.

If you want to call them or email them, wait until tomorrow to call, and send your email to

I’ll update more as I find time this weekend.

PS: I’ve been asked by everyone so I’ll post this too. If things take a turn for the worse, yes I’ll be taking a trip up there to see Dad and yes I’ll make sure I take everyone with me that wants to go. We might need to get the church van to take all the people who want to make the trip, but I’ll handle that when the time comes.

Keep Dad and Becky both in your prayers. And thanks for all the prayers received thus far.