Friday, October 13, 2006

sorry about last night

hey guys....sorry about last night. I had originally thought it was wednesday, and thank goodness it wasnt cause my diamond fell out of my ring and that turned into a huge fiasco. I had to drive to the Kinston mall where at that time they couldnt do anything for me, the manager wasn't working. Thursday was a day full of unexpected surprises to say the least. I intended on setting out to Kinston after my dr appt at about 11, but at about 4 i was finally on my way. my diamond situation was resolved as i got a new engagement ring (and, i'm sorry, but getting my diamond resolved was VERY important. I was going to Kinston, I didn't care what time it was), but by the time i got home from kinston, had an angry 5 year old, picked up my Rx, cooked dinner and fed an angry 5 yr old. chris was working late and it just slipped my mind. when he got home he was like, "aren't you supposed to be at Marions?" I have also misplaced my cell phone. and, it's dead, so calling it from my home phone won't help. Since I couldn't find it, i couldnt call anyone from my home phone as I know no phone #'s by heart. So anyways, I hope you dont hold too big of a grude against me, but for those who will, hey, I almost expect it.


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