Monday, October 02, 2006

Haven't Posted In A While

Hey yall. Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been very busy at work. So I had a great weekend. I got off early on Friday, I went and picked my girls up to spend the weekend at my house. McKenzi is a doll, she is so smart and is learning alot in school. I can't get anything past her anymore. Kayleigh is not walking she is running and talking. We can't keep the girls mouth from moving. She is so cute. Saturday I kept Kayleigh, McKenzi, and Logan. The kids played great together. After Logan left the girls got a nap and Mark, Ms. Kathy, Mr. William and I took the girls to the park to play and then we went to Sonic for Ice Cream. Sunday I cooked a Ham, Collards, String Beans, Boiled potatoes, Corn, Yams, and Biscuits for Mark, Mama, Daddy, Mommie-Nette (my grandma), Kayleigh, McKenzi and myself. It was great to have the family together. After everyone left including the girls Mark and I went to Halloween Express and got costumes. He is gonna be Speed Racer and I am gonna be a LadyBug. After Halloween Express we went to the movies to see JackAss. It was a good movie there were some parts I had to cover my eyes on...I thought I was gonna throw up. But all in all it was good. So what has everyone else been up to? Tommy I need to talk to you about somethings I was thinking a Sunday drive would be a good idea. Bridgett are we still working out together tomorrow night? Let me know. April I love ya girl. Talk to all of you later. Love Lots. Little Bit

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  1. Yep, definitely still working out. Definitely...


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