Monday, September 04, 2006

hello world!!

I know it seems that I have gotten married and fallen off the face of the earth, and well, really...I not cause i'm married now, but i have had NO internet connection for a few weeks. DSM's IT dept are more Nazi-ish that even first south bank! But, i for sure dont want to lose my job over internet use. anyways, i don't have long to write as i have a 5yr old that doesnt like to be left upstairs alone. So, here's a brief update: Wedding was all i could have ever imagined it to be, the honeymoon at Disney was great! New job is going well and i have adjusted quite nicely to married life. I have seemed to fulfill all the "wife-ly" roles quite nicely. We have even added a new addition to our family, a 5 month old chocolate lab named Mattox. He's out dove hunting with his daddy today! Well...i8'm being summoned so i must sign off... Melissa---POST THE PICS OF MY WEDDING...I"M DYING to see them!!!

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  1. Sorry, the absence of pictures is my fault. They are being held hostage on my dial-up computer. I'll try to have them up soon!


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