Thursday, July 27, 2006

another life update

So, i figured i'd post, and give everyone another update on my life! The most IMPORTANT thing is that I am 16 days away from the wedding! Everything seems to have fallen into place. The last crucial peice was deciding on the food for the reception. Last night, Chris and I came to a decision. To HELL with finger foods...all out PIG PICKIN!! it will be a real redneck treat...BBQ & Bud Light! If anyone else feels froggy and wants to make the 1 1/2 hr drive, let me know! Since the wedding is only 16 days away, that means we are 18 days away from our Disney Vacation! Gosh, we are so looking forward to it!! Mickey and Minnie and Princesses and the food and the pool...I think our honeymoon/family vacation will be so crammed with things to do and see, it won't feel like much of a vacation at all!! i'm NOT complaining AT ALL though (although those who know me well enough might beg to differ). My birthday is tomrrow as well. This is the first year in 26 years that i havent' spent it my actual BIRTH day with my mom. But, that's all part of changes in life. I will be spending it with my 2 most favorite future husband and daughter! I think the last big detail is that I start my new job on August 21, which is right after we get home from Disney. I will be the Mortgage Loan Officer for Souther Bank for the Greenville Area. I'm REALLY EXCITED!!! I know you will ALL come to me to buy your house...send me all your family and friends!! We are all moved into our new house and just about all unpacked. We got the remaining stuff from Chris's townhouse last night. So, once we unload his explorer, the will be ALL!! It's crazy how you go to bed one night, your life is one way, and you wake up the next day and it's changed forever (in a great way, of course!!!) LUV YA ALL!!!

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