Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hey guys...getting closer to beach time. can we start making a list of the kinds of things we'll be needing to bring? cause i have no clue what i'm gonna need. so far i've got for me:
  • beach towels
  • sheets/blanket/pillow (TOMMY...CAN I USE YOUR AIR MATTRESS?? let me know cause if not, i'll have mom bring one from home)
  • shower stuff
  • aloe gel/sunblock
  • should i bring my lounge chair?
  • Are we gonna need cleaning stuff so we can clean up before we leave sunday? (i hate to buy products when i know we have the whole cleaning section of wal mart between all of us)

I really have no clue and i've got to start packing soon cause mom's gonna be here taking up my free time for the next 2 nights.

Also, marion, have you gotten directions yet to the house? (can you tell i'm starting to worry, just like i do before every vacation?)

Tommy, what time are we leaving? Still 10:00 or are you pushing earlier?

April, still want to lay out thursday afternoon? I'm planning on getting off work by 2 at the latest, maybe even earlier...my boss is gone so, what the hell...

ummm...i think that's all for now...


  1. I'm glad someone started this, cause I was going too.

    First, yes, I'm laying out Thursday, I have an appt at the DMV at 11:30 to get my license renewed, then I'm free til "Girls Night" (which none of us have tix for....).

    As far as leaving time, I want to say to have everyone here around 9 am, so that if we're all ready we can leave ASAP (to get to the fun part earlier too). As far as I know, its just Tommy, Bridget, Marisa, and I leaving then. (the house should be ok as far as cleaning goes, but we'll see when we get there)

    Here is a checklist of things to bring:

    -Bathing suit(s)
    -Beach/bath towels
    -Sheets (Tommy please find out sizes of beds!!)
    -Pillow(cases) I like to bring my own :)
    -Blanket/sleeping bag
    -Your own shower/bath/hair/makeup stuff
    -Toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, etc (daily needs) :P
    -sweater/pants in case of cool nights

    Ok, I'm done with the Mom part of me, LOL, but I think this is a slight idea of everything. M, I'm gonna get all the stuff for the PJ here, so just pay me back when you see me Thurs. I'm only going to prep the fruit here, the rest can wait til we get there.

    I can't tell you how excited I am! Especially when I get off from work tomorrow around 3 and know I have the rest of the weekend for a PARTY!!!! Hope everyone else is just as excited, can't wait til then!

    Love you all!

  2. April, should we just get the stuff here in greenville and make the fruit when we get down there friday? that way, it will only sit all day friday instead of thurs night and all day friday? i dont know cause i've never made PJ before...how long should it soak in the alcohol? What are the flavor choices or is fruit punch the only option? as far as i know, it's just me you & marion drinking it, so we can split it 3 ways. And, it really sucks that Nicole isnt going...:(

    i'm not going to "girls night" thursday night, sorry ya'll. here's my reasoning...i'm scrounging around to get money for the weekend as it is, i really dont have the extra $$ for thursday night. tix $15, plus one's plus maybe a beer or 2 and we're looking at about $25. Now, i can either spend that $25 on thursday night and not have but like $10 for the weekend, or i can use that money for the beach. i myself would rather have it for food/drinks at the beach. hopefully everyone can see where's i'm coming from. being that this trip is at the end of the month, and i only get paid the last day of the month, i'm pretty strapped...this way too, i can spend time w/ my mom and pack and stuff. hit the gym thurs night and get to bed early so i'll be bright eyed & bushy tailed for friday morning...YAY!!!only 1 1/2 more days!!!

  3. You suck! Yes, I understand where you are coming from, but you still suck! :P Pffft! I guess it's ok, as long as everyone else is going! As far as the coolers and PJ are concerned, we don't have any coolers, I was going to buy one for the PJ, so if anyone else has any, bring them! I don't know if Tommy's had a chance to see this yet or not, so I'm sure there are a few more things he can tell us.

    I'm sooo excited, I can't wait! My vacation starts...........NOW! :D


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