Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm taking bets!

Who wants to bet that Gandalf signs up for this? Man's brain wired to computer April 12, 2005 DOCTORS have wired the brain of a quadriplegic man to a computer, enabling him to turn his television on and off and play the video game Pong.Matthew Nagle, 25, has been a quadriplegic since a knife attack four years ago in the US state of Rhode Island. He is the first patient to control external devices by means of electrodes implanted in his brain. The system helping Mr Nagle is called BrainGate and comprises about 100 hair-thin electrodes implanted a millimetre deep into part of the motor cortex of Nagle's brain that controls movement. These lead to a computer which translates them into movements of a cursor.


  1. My birthday is coming up you know. Every man loves neuro-cortical implmants!

    Scratch the GPS off my birthday list and get me this.

  2. Can it turn on the coffee pot? Cause THAT'S the selling point for me!

  3. I would think they would have to upgrade the game selection to include CoH though before it was "have to have" item for you...I wonder if it would interfere with that cellular phone chip you wanted to have implanted in your ear? Hmmm....

  4. You dont have this implant yet? I am surprised.


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