Tuesday, April 05, 2005

If Yall Are Interested

Hey Yall The Triangle Beach Music Festivle is Saturday, April, 30th. The Bands featured are Chairman of the Board, The Coastline Band, Craig Woolard, The Band of Oz, The Main Event and some more. Coolers are allowed and I am going if anyone else would like to go let me know I am gonna buy advanced tickets. Right now I know I am going, Mark, and Deryck are also going. The more people who go the more fun it will be. I have gone every year and it has been a blast. So bring your shaggin shoes or in my case no shoes and lets go. We can all carpool together and the more people who go the cheaper it is. They usually start playing around 10 am and finish late in the afternoon. If yall want to look at the website it is TriangleBeach.com. Hope to hear from yall soon.

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