Thursday, March 17, 2005

i have the answer...

maybe it's quiet because i (the drama queen) haven't been around disrupting and adding drama to everyone's lives...

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  1. That's possible.. and we miss you. For whatever reason, you've chosen to completely ignore most all of us, and mainly because you're mad at me I think.

    However, I think the reason for the lack of conversation is primarily due to the fact that:
    Natalie is out of town.
    Thiago is out of town.
    Nikki is out of town.
    Gecko is out of town.
    April is working 10 days of double shifts almost straight.
    I'm working 15 hours a day this week.
    Scythe is busy flirting with Clare.
    And Bannag only responds, rarely initiates conversation.

    But, you're right, it could be that we're all in despondent despair over a friend that cuts us out of her life every other week or so. Mourningstar has graciously offered introduce us all into group therapy sessions to overcome this disastrous turn of events, but somehow I think we'll all get over it.

    Hell, if Jennifer can survive being shot in the back, we can all withstand a knife or two in our own.
    (wait... is that chewing gum under my desk?... ooh.. I have to run... I've found something important to do.)


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