Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Conversation Starter...

K...this blog has been dead for here's a little generic conversation starter open to anyone and everyone. Question #1 (Gandalf it's # 377 for you...I think) If you could find out the truth to one unsolved mystery in the world what mystery would you want to solve and why?


  1. which religion/belief system has it right. That way I am not wasting my life believing in something. B/c if when I die I get reincarnated into a roach, b/c I was wrong the whole time I would be pissed. Not to mention, if athiests have it right, then we would all have alot more fun.

  2. I think I would like to know what really goes on in Area 51 and who shot JFK....cause I am just that much of a conspiracy theorist ;)

  3. and as far as religion is concerned, that is a great unsolved question....I personally think its one no one can answer for you, you have to find out what works for you. for me, i don't think it matters what you choose to believe as long as you believe something, and are a good person in the end....but that's just my wacky two cents....hehe

  4. Religion is the one thing I can't discuss on here, simply because I think too many people take it personally... maybe that's only because I'm very concrete in what I believe, but i think that most people just toss it in as a "fancy"... something to converse about.. when the eternal location of your soul is something I think merits a little more serious thought.

  5. Okay Reverend Gandalf...I wasn't asking for an all out debate on religous beliefs. You already know my issues...I'm not about to go into them on your blog. This is a SIMPLE question posed only with the intent of creating conversation...harmless conversation. Now answer it, Dammit!

  6. ok ok ok... things I'd LOVE to have answers to.

    1.) How many boys have been buggered by priests since the celibacy idea was canonized?

    2.) What is Silly Putty made of?

    3.) Can we get teflon coated condoms? It would be REALLY cool for the clean-up factor!

    4.)What makes a chair a chair? Who made the first one and said "Hmmm... I'll call that... mmm... "CHAIR!"

    5.) Why is A the first letter of the alphabet? Why can't we have made it something cool looking like "Z".. Mozart would be Woldgzng Zmzdeus Mozzrt.... bless you.

    6.) Speaking of "bless you".. who decided to make that a phrase after you sneeze? and Why? Why couldn't they have just said "holy shit... your heart stopped for a second! Did you see the light?"

    I mean I can go on this for DAYS if you really want questions to answer.

  7. I would like to know why love is so complicated. As the great George Strait said, "You can't make a heart love somebody, you can tell it what to do but it won't listen at all. You can't make and heart love somebody you can lead a heart to love but you can't make it fall."

  8. Okay, Okay, I'll be the boring one and least philosophical of the bunch and come right out and say…I want to know the basics.

    I want to know what the original purpose was for building structures like Stonehenge, who built them, used them and why.

    I want to know the precise location of the city of Atlantis, how it was destroyed and about the civilization that lived there.

    What catastrophe or series of catastrophes caused the downfall of the Ancient Egyptian civilization?

    Are we all descended from the same group of primates in Africa or were there several groups that evolved simultaneously across the globe.

    And what happens to socks that mysteriously go missing out of the dryer…


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