Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another Weekend Gone

Hey yall...I didn't hang out Friday night but I sure started Saturday off well and brought Sunday in the right way. As of right now Little Bit has not had sleep in 25 hours & 59 mins. WOW!!! We all went to On Cue for the Spring Fling that was great. There were alot of birthdays. Ed and Justin played and they were awesome the pig was good and most of my favorite people were there. Of course we were missing a couple Marisa, Doc, Raymond just to name a few. An old friend of mine Adam came out and had a great time with the Scooby Gang. Mitchell and Deryck also came out and it is a pleasure to have the both of them around. After On Cue Joe, Mark, and I went to blow stuff up and drink some. We went to the sand pits and then to the "undercover pond." It was an interesting night. Joe was knee deep in shit (literally). I mistaked a Bud Light for a flash light and poured a whole beer in the passenger seat of Mark's truck. SORRY. But hey Bud LIGHT/ Flash LIGHT...what's the difference. Some how my shoes and other stuff started getting thrown out of the truck window. All of a sudden I was getting cold. WONDER WHY? Well, after listening to all the music we could stand we found that time had slipped away from us and the sun was coming up. It has been a while since I have been up sooo late that I watched the sun come up. It was AWESOME! Joe went home. Mark and I hung out. Mark took me back to my truck and went to pick Joe up to take him to his truck. I went to Marisa's and hung out with her for a while. Marisa and I went to eat lunch at Logan's and then we went to the park to see Chris and Delayna. After that we called Mark to see what they were doing and he, Deryck, and Joe had just finished playing frisbee golf. We went to Mark's house and played Super Mario Brothers and watched the end of the race and then Marisa and I went to her house. I left and came home. It was nice to hang out with everyone this weekend. Marisa Logan's was a great idea for lunch. Well I love yall and I could keep going on and on but I want to go to SLEEP!!!!! I will talk to all of yall tomorrow. Love you Lots.

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