Thursday, February 17, 2005

WTF mate?

Ok what the hell is going on here? This will require bold and enlarged text! What is it with the Handgun drinking comment.... Wacko Jacko!!! I am not a raving psychotic contrary to popular beleif!! Lay off me and ill lay off my bold enlarged text.... I believe my last post was to the fruit cake? i think!! All i wanted to do was say hi and now my name is all over this shit! WTF! So maybe my ideals and opinions may scare some people... But im not going to post them here!


  1. Moi? You were posting to me? I feel so honored...I thought you forgot about me. I guess I just misunderstood your post. "Hi" to you too then and good luck on the "Jacko" vendetta. How's that coming by the way?

  2. Calm down, mate... no worries

  3. LMAO!

    You absurd ranting bastard!

    Click on the damned LINK and you'll get the joke.

  4. And what's up with the Mate?

    1.) I'm not your mate.. because that would be homo-shecks-shuwal!
    *Doc & Tommy impersonation*

    2.) You're not australian!

    What gives biatch?


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