Wednesday, February 23, 2005

wish me luck

everyone, wish me luck. i've got an interview in washington friday morning for a corporate position with the bank that i applied for. it would be in human resources, and prolly a big pay change. plus, it would be in corporate. very nervous, so, if i get offered this job, i'm going to have a lot of thinking to do. is the drive worth it everyday is my biggest concern. but yet, i have this new car, so it shouldnt be a problem. gosh, i'm so scared... have a great day ya'll


  1. Good luck girl! I know you've got it in ya! Let us know how it turns out, ok? LUV YA!

  2. I use to go to school in Washington when my mom worked there. I also worked at Lowes there for a short time. Nice town good people, but nothing to do. The ride is not that bad.

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! you will do great!

  4. Well? Well? Well?

    What happened?

    How did the interview go? Don't make us wait till next week to catch the next episode!

  5. tommy, have you gotten your days mixed up again???it sayd friday in plain english...i think i'll buy you a calender...


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