Sunday, February 27, 2005

what a saturday night

wow...i had a blast tonight. Chris and I started at the OC. it was a good time, once we got past a few small things. we left there to go meet his neice and her bf at emerald city. as we were getting to EC, they called and decided they wanted to go to 519. now, we all know how much i HATE downtown. so, we met them at 519, had a beer, then left and went to emerald city. chris and i had a really good time together. we danced and danced and jsut had a great time. this was the first night him and i have been out without my scoobs. i felt a little out of my element, but we had a blast together. we left EC at 2 and called it a night...well...almost, but that part in a secret. so, now i'm going to eat 2 eggo waffles and hit the hay. i hope everyone had a great night. talk to ya'll tomorrow!!!

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