Saturday, February 19, 2005

what? no mcdonalds?

so, who knew mcdonalds doesnt serve mcChicken sandwiches at 1:30 in the morning...they used to. i know this cause i have eaten pleanty of them after leaving the OC. so, i went to get some food tonight, and the lady inthe speaker told me they wernt serving mcchicken sadnwiches for late night. how crazy is that? so, i've come home and i'm settling on toasted eggo waffles. i now remember why i havent eaten these nasty things since i was a kid. so, the rodeo was a lot of fun. sucks that ya'll missed it, but it did give me, marion and marcus some time to hang out. i really accept them together, and i think they are great for each other (who knew, a complete turn around?) so, we got back to greenville and i went to pick shawns drunk ass up from chicos, and we all went to the OC. (big surprise) the place was dead. well...not dead, rather full, but just with a lot of people i dont know. well...i'm gonna finish my nasty eggo and head off to bed. chris is supposed to come over tomorrow ~~smiles~~ so, until tomorrow ya'll...i'm out!!

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