Monday, February 14, 2005

what an end to the day

picture's valentines day, you plan on spending the evening alone. you order wings over greenville. it gets delivered about 8:15. you're enjoying the taste of the spicy teriyaki, when the doorbell rings about 8:30. you know you're not expecting anyone. you open the door only to see the most beautiful bouquet of red roses you've ever seen, 12 of them as a matter of fact, with a lonely pink one in the middle...the delivery lady says "the person sending these to you was very set on having them delivered today, but we were so short staffed, we're just getting to it now." i bring them inside and they smell wonderful. 13 roses in all 12 red and 1 pink, stuffed with baby's breath and greens. the card reads "dont give up on valentines day just yet". never in my life have i had flowers delivered to me on valentines day and i have 24 vday's under my belt. this so gives me hope...

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  1. YEAH!!!! That is wonderful, whoever sent them deserves a big hug!!!


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