Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Weekend Was Fun

Hey everyone this weekend was lots of fun. Me, Marisa, and April got much needed GIRL TIME that was way over due. Some of the conversations were risky but fun. April is a wonderful person and I feel that I get closer and closer to her the more I am around her. We share a lot in common and not to mention she is dating my best guy friend who happens to be one of the best guys ever. I am sooooo happy they are together and happy. Tommy KEEP her. I already know you will but I just want to state the obvious. Marisa this week has been mighty difficult for the both of us. We have been through so much in the past. No matter problems big or small I am right here beside you every step of the way. I value our friendship more than you will ever know. Girls Victoria Secret was too much fun. The look on that womans face was priceless. Emerald City was interesting. My feet still hurt. I have been so SLEEP deprived this weekend I am gonna go crash now. Unlike other people I didn't get a nap today. One more thing I had a great afternoon with a wonderful friend who means so much to me. The one on one time was fun we were able to be goofy and have a much needed talk. I love you dad!!!


  1. I agree! I loved that we finally had chance to have some Girl's time, since things have been so crazy since Tommy and I started dating and we haven't really had the chance! Thank you for making me feel like part of the "Scoobs"!!!!

  2. not going to restate the obvious. i love you both so much. marion, yes, our friendship has been tested this past week, but i really believe we will prevail. i'm not going to lose you to a man. i'm gonna gain a friend. it will take me some time, but the most important thing to me is your happiness, and i cant let my jealousy ruin that. i love you!

  3. Love you too... Daughter.
    ( I presume that comment was NOT a reflection of my age or grey hair!)


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